Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yay For Sleep!

Wow guys, I'm actually about to go to sleep at the right time for the first time in like, a week. :D I'm so happy.
Earlier today, I needed some fineliner pens, so I dragged my mom to the store and she bought them for me, along with sliced chicken (*squeak* yay chicken!), bread and pencils.
I finished a picture later on and used some new pens I bought. It's pretty cool.  And then I started this Umbreon picture, it's taken up the hight and quite a bit of length of an A5 paper. I think I'll need a new black pen afterwards.
Tomorrow I'm possibly going to play Terraria with my brother and aunt. Yay 3 player Terraria!

Well, today's was short, I'm going to go to bed and enjoy the night.

This is the picture I was talking about. "Where's my Pockey!" I have a friend that really likes Pockey :3

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