Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yay For Sleep!

Wow guys, I'm actually about to go to sleep at the right time for the first time in like, a week. :D I'm so happy.
Earlier today, I needed some fineliner pens, so I dragged my mom to the store and she bought them for me, along with sliced chicken (*squeak* yay chicken!), bread and pencils.
I finished a picture later on and used some new pens I bought. It's pretty cool.  And then I started this Umbreon picture, it's taken up the hight and quite a bit of length of an A5 paper. I think I'll need a new black pen afterwards.
Tomorrow I'm possibly going to play Terraria with my brother and aunt. Yay 3 player Terraria!

Well, today's was short, I'm going to go to bed and enjoy the night.

This is the picture I was talking about. "Where's my Pockey!" I have a friend that really likes Pockey :3

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Just me, Loki and Miss-Loki in my head.

Ok. Ok. Sithis have my soul if I leave a gap like this again. I'm so sorry! Though, not much has happened. I sat around on my computer and read Avengers fanfics an- WAIT. WAITWAITWAIT. I DIDN'T TELL YOU, DID I? Yep. Sithis, my soul awaits you. Come kill me. But do so after I tell this tale!
Awhile ago, I went down to- NO. Ok. Ok. Ok. (Ok.) Panic over, I did in fact, tell you guys about the Avengers. Phew. Sithis, you'll have to wait a bit longer for my soul.

So I decided a few days ago, I'm going to become a spy for Loki and help him win the war against the Avengers and he'll be the King of Earth and maybe he'd possibly take me as his adoptive daughter? Then I realised this will never happen. Geez, girl. Knock some sense into yourself. Yeah, plenty of sense can be knocked into you as the Hulk throws you halfway across New York. Yeah, the Italics is my new alter-ego. She's a bitch. Loki's bitch. Then, everyone's Loki's bitch. Except Thor, he's Odin's bitch. Odin's awesome bitch, but yes, Odin's bitch all the same. Yeah, but Loki's cooler. And, you're a bitch. Well, OF COURSE Loki is bet- You need to just get on with the damned blog. Uh, yeah, I do. *cough cough*. I'll continue with the Bitch List, for now. All the Avengers are Nick Fury's bitches. And Hawkeye's Natasha's bitch. Everyone's Natasha's bitch, in the Avengers. Well, there's like of a chain of command: Natasha at the bottom, the rest of the Avengers below her. Above her is Agent Coulson. Son of Coul, first name: Agent. Above Coulson is Nick Fury. Everyone is below him. Then, in a separate chain; the humans: Government leaders and such, above 'common folk'. Then you have Loki. King of Earth and therefore all the humans are his bitches. Except me, I'm his spy. And so, a slightly higher grade of bitch than everyone else. Oh, yeah, you're a bitch alright. Shuddup, you. I'll get Loki on you. What do want him to do? I'm your alter-ego, the best you could hope is he hits you over the head and hope it affects me as well. Ehehehe, I can think of my laughter now. As it will not affect me at all. Goddamn I hate you sometimes.
This is the end of the Bitch List section of the blog. Now on to the...Uh...The...Aw, is the little girl speechless as to name the section of the pitiful thing she calls her blog? What's the point, really? Giving your thoughts and feelings to the rest of the world. Do you expect them to care? Yeah...My alter ego's pretty much being Loki at this point in time. Ignore her. She's adopted >.> <.<

Loki: "What was that? I think I heard you say 'adopted'." Aw shit. He doesn't like that word very much. And my alter ego isn't even adopted. You've dug yourself a deep hole, here. Good luck. Hey! You're in this too! Sigh, let me talk...Me: It's ok, King. We were just having a joke around, nothing to worry about. You probably misheard anyways." I do love the way you're like him with the sugar coated silver tongue of yours. Thank you, now sit back and admire my handy-work. Loki: Do not play tricks with me, and stop speaking for the girl. I am not deaf and I am sure I've told you many times about trying to trick me so that you can save your skins. I'm not a fool. So neither should you be." Ooooh, you just got your ass handed to you. So did you. We're one and the same thing, like magic and science on Asgard. I hate you. Just get us ou- Wait. Don't. Lemmie try this. Me: I'm deeply sorry, Loki. She gets a bit, unruly at times. Hows about I go spy on the Avengers for another week? Give you a bit of time off from us, we do get a bit stressful. You are not a fool, and she should not have treated you as such." Aw yeah. That should work. Loki: Hm. You are right, you can be a bit of a pain, especially with your...Alter ego, as you call 'her'. I would have sent you to a mental home awhile ago, but people see me as nothing less than insane. I'll send you off for awhile, while I think of what to do with my Kingdom."

You need to stop that. Stop what? Those 'conversations' you have. The 'readers'  are probably bored to death by it. Yeah, whatever, I'm done for today anyways. They're space fillers. It makes me feel good knowing I've made it slightly longer, and it was kinda funny. To me, anyways. Yes but you have....An odd sense of humour. 

Then there was a short interval of time, where I went and played Halo 2 with my brother. T'was very good. Ah, the old x-box controllers are cool. I like the bulk of them. Same with the actual console. Though the split-screen  was cut vertically, while I'm used to the newer, horizontal split. And here I am now, eating from a bag of Kumquats my mother so kindly purchased for me. Along with a load of other bags of the same. I had to sacrifice one bag to my aunt though. I was not pleased.

And then I came home and finished this. It is 12:23pm, England time, so there's some stuff ahead but it mostly wont be interesting. If it is I'll tell you next time I po- She'll tell you tomorrow. Yes, I'm enforcing strictly that this becomes daily. But, but! NO. You shall do this. In your words, "Suddup you, I'll get Loki on you." So uh...Yeah, I'm just gonna pull out here. Spying for Loki and whatnot. I'll try to make tomorrow interesting. >_> <_< Somehow. Maybe I'll just post random covo's between me, Loki and miss-Loki in my head. She seems to find it funny calling me Miss-Loki. Geez, just cause I talk with the same apathetic manner as he does, doesn't mean I'm a female version of him. ¬_¬ It's ok, we all know you'd love to be Loki.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

This wine...I like it! ANOTHER! *smashes wine glass*

Man, I woke up so damn late today. Well, late for you guys, kinda early for me. 12:30? Maybe? Sometime around then. I really didn't want to, but I went to store with my mom cause she's paranoid and doesn't wanna go places on her own. So we went to get dinner, we were at the butcher there and I pointed to this beef roast and I said "What about this one?" Cause she wanted a beef. "Um. No, I think that's too big." :I "No, I'm pretty sure it's a bit too small." "Sweetie, it really is too big." NO. "Dude. It's too small. I could eat half of that." I didn't see, but the butcher gave me a really weird look, according to mom. She bought it. Before that, we found some cute little potatoes, SO CUTE AND SMALL.

Then we came home~. And then there was this huge chunk of time where I don't remember. Guess nothing interesting happened. Then my mom called me down and was all "CLAUDIA! DINNER'S DONE!" and I was all "K bro!". I'll tell you all now, I love beef. SO. DAMN. MUCH. So I ran down the stairs and was first to the table. Well, first to the couch. Cause one of my aunts and my grandma came over to eat as well. So I sat on one couch, my aunt on the other, my brother, mom and grandma at the table. And I long wait was finally over, turns out my mom hadn't opened the Italian wine before because she was saving it for a roast, which we had today. I saw it and I was thinking "Oh God yes. Yes. Yes.". Cause Italian wine will always be best wine. It also turns out that the beef I chose was just enough for everyone. Everyone except my aunt and brother and me (mom and grandma, basically) was drinking this wine. I was thinking "Dude. This is the day. The day when all your dreams come true. The day. When you get. To try Italian wine.". Then, my mom said to my brother, "Lennie, do you want to try it?" He shook his head. :I. Then she went "Claudia? You want some?" "Uh. Sure, why not?" I died inside. It was reeeally good. And I love grapes so damn much. Like. So damn much. Like holy fucking shit I love grapes. Fuck that Spanish wine, it's shit.

So I only had a small mouthful of that, then gave it back. (=STOP. SAYING. SO. SO MUCH.= NO. FUCK YOU.) I ate a big slice of beef, loads of potatoes (and had extras after.) and lots of yorkshire puddings. With lotsa gravy. Then me, mom and grandma chilled outside while they drank the wine. Cause it had a cork, so it couldn't be re-sealed. And my mom said she couldn't just leave it open cause she'd knock it over and it would go EVERYWHERE. Then grandma left and my mom was there, finishing this wine. (Dudebros, don't worry. My mom's not an alcoholic. We're responsible Ital- =You've said this before.= I know but still! =NO.=)
I looked at the plant pot behind her, and said "Dude. That's quite the thistle you've got there...". Cause it  really looked like a thistle. And she was all "Dude. That's a carrot stalk." WAT. This thing was huuuuge~. She just left it for aaaages~. And then she poured the last glass of it and I was like "Geez, you can't have ALL of it!". And she was all "I so can. I handle alcohol really well." And then we talked about stuff I can't remember, the next sentence I remember was me, "Yeah well what'd you feel like if someone took your glass of wine, huh?" and I took the glass off the table. She didn't even care. Then she said stuff and something else and then "This drink...I like it! ANOTHER! *pretends to throw glass on floor*". Cause we're totally not obsessed with The Avengers. (*coughcoughLokiisrightfulkingcoughcoughcough*)

And now post are online because my mom completely went against all this responsible partially Italian stuff I've been saying by getting nicely drunk. She drank the last half of her b-day wine so I've hid the bottle of Spanish until she's ready. Or until I'm ready to give it back. I tried to give her cold coffee and the box of hot chocolate but she's not THAT drunk. She isn't actually that drunk. Really. Just a bit tipsy.

So this post is waaay too long and I'm not gonna waste any more of your time, hehehehehe~ ^.^

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ezio The Lime.

Goddamn it's been awhile...A week, I think. Or more. 9 days. Close enough.
Anyways~~ SO. "Where have I been these 9/10 days?" You ask. Well, my good 88 pageviews, I have been visiting my uncle, his partner and their baby.

Monday: Left the train station at like, 7:30. AM. :I

Tuesday: Went on a walk to a place with lotsa trees. Ferry Meadows, if i'm not horribly mistaken again. Lots of adventuring w/ the 16yr old bro.

Wednesday: HOLY FUCKING SHIT WEDNESDAY WAS AWESOME. Two movies in one day, not the point. Me and le bro saw Men in Black 3, it was pretty cool, yeah. Go watch it 'n' all. Seriously do, though. BUT. Before that (yes, two in one day~ =you said.= shit, yeah. >.> <.<) we saw....THE AVENGERS. (=fuck you, that's not even the proper name.= YES IT IS. FUCK OFF.)  IT. WAS. FUCKING. AWESOME. (=chill the swearing...= NO. FUCK YOU.) I had wanted to see this film for so damn long. And I was so close to getting it sometime the week before. But yeah. Tears were actually shed when Coulson 'died'. Died in 'these' cause he isn't actually. Before I went in, I was all "You ain't gonna cry, Claudia. It's not that big a deal." Oh. It was. And waaaaay before that, when Loki was all being a badass and had all those people kneeling in front of him, I was thinkning "If I was there, as soon as I saw that bastard, I'd be on my knees. Cause he's the boss, man." And then I'd turn out to be a spy and help the Avengers take him down. Fuck you, I'm not obsessed.

Thursday: Horse riding, was awesome~ Horses are pretty cool. I want a horse one day, then I could run around Rome on my horse and run into random people. Just like the games. Nope. Totally not obsessed with Ass. Creed.

Friday: Godamn this baby loves me. I am her performing seal, and a toy for her to crawl over. The past like, 3 days she was crawling over me for my red headband, making me push her around on this thing. It's a. A. A thing. That. Yes. SO then at the end of that day we had to leave. On the train/s we talked about things. Me, mom and le bro. Mom's friend was gonna come visit at the end of July but she found it to be too expensive. She was gonna bring mom a Coulson doll she's making and bring along her Tony one as well. She's making one for each Avenger and already has a Fury one. I want a Thor one. And each of the others. I WANT THEM ALL. (=Geez, Greed. Cool it.=)

Ok and not much happened yesterday. Today though, I decided I'm going to start bringing this one lime to school, so I can talk to it in class. He is called Ezio The Lime. Cause I'm totally not obsessed with Ass. Creed. (=*coughorEziocoughcough*=) And he shall be glorious. Along side Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH.

And that's all I've gotta say. School tomorrow. Ezio The Lime's first day, he's pretty nervous. So yeah.

Friday, 1 June 2012


//cry cry cry// I filled up my sketch book a couple days ago, and I went to go draw something in it, and then noticed I not only have filled up my sketch book, but i can't seem to be able to find any spare paper to draw on either... ;-;
Today was the last day of half term at school...It was OK...I guess. In all the classes I was in that played music, *cough ONE cough cough* they played reaaally shit music. Like. Really shit music. Things like rap and that weird shit pop stuff. We had to leave the lesson just as we got the teacher to play My Chemical Romance ;-;.

Also, my mom bought two new wines from Abel and Cole a few days ago. Before you ask, it IS ok to give children wine! I had like, a third of a wine glass and I didn't even drink all of it. Cause my family are responsible Italian (partially Italian) people! Point: There is a Spanish (Damned Rodrigo Borgia, you Spanish Assassin hater!) and an Italian (Go Ezio!) one. Whenever I enter the kitchen I look intently at the Italian bottle. Sat there next to the 3/4 empty Spanish. Then look at Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH hung on the handle to the counter next to it. And wait. For like, 3 years I've wanted to know what Italian wine tastes like. Soon. Actually, not very soon at all. My mom drinks alcohol very, very slowly. Sigh. It will happen one day. I just wished she'd have opened it first. //totallynotobsessedwithAss.Creed//

Skyrim. Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim. (Skyrim.) Very interesting day indeed in the province of the dragons. I did the Clavicus Vile quest (favourite Daedra. Of all time. "A Daedra's Best Friend") and, to be honest, I would have kept his Rueful Axe if it wasn't two handed. I use one handed weapons. I reeeally wanted to kill Barbas, which was what you had to do to get the axe, but my brother was all "Noooo! You want the helmeeeet! Get the heeelmeeet~~" and my aunt was like "NOOO~ Don't kiill Baarbaaas~". So I was like "FINE. I'LL GET THE DAMNED MASK.". And then I was never to hear the voice of my favourite Prince again. Sigh. THEN. Then, I went to Shearpoint and got the Throw Voice Thu'um (I think that's how you spell it...) after fighting a Dragon (Shadowmere helped c:) and the Dragon Priest (Shadowmere as well. And I'd like the thank my Flame Atronach because she is amazing and is a big help.). YAY THROW VOICE. It's also great that I got to use the dragon soul I just got from the dragon to unlock it. And the word wall gives you all three words of it. Turns out I caught Vamparism from something or another. Good thing I happened to have a random black soul gem lying around in my inventory. The quest wasn't hard to find and I was cured in no time. There was also this annoying Blood Dragon flying around that kept coming and leaving. Then at about 3/4 health, it just disappeared into the distance, never to be seen again.

Goddamn webcam broke ;-;. I shall find my camera and take picture of Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH on there. And then you shall see him in all his mysterious wisdom and grace.

Whelp. Imma go off and try to find some paper to draw on....Also going Manchester w/ friends tomorrow so I will update on that. I swear, I will drag them to Forbidden Planet if I must. One friend, I ain't mentioning names for sake of privacy (she'd murder me. Amelia doesn't care. I call say Amelia.), doesn't like the fact that it's a 'Geek Shop', it was the only way I could describe it. I need to go in there to buy Volume 7 (and/or more if there's another sale on *wide eyes*) of Fullmetal Alchemist. I WILL HAVE THEM AAAALL. That reminds me, today there was a new (Katekyo) Hitman Reborn (!) online. It was great.
ANYWAYS. I have to go before I start another rant. Say bye, Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH~!