Sunday, 17 June 2012

This wine...I like it! ANOTHER! *smashes wine glass*

Man, I woke up so damn late today. Well, late for you guys, kinda early for me. 12:30? Maybe? Sometime around then. I really didn't want to, but I went to store with my mom cause she's paranoid and doesn't wanna go places on her own. So we went to get dinner, we were at the butcher there and I pointed to this beef roast and I said "What about this one?" Cause she wanted a beef. "Um. No, I think that's too big." :I "No, I'm pretty sure it's a bit too small." "Sweetie, it really is too big." NO. "Dude. It's too small. I could eat half of that." I didn't see, but the butcher gave me a really weird look, according to mom. She bought it. Before that, we found some cute little potatoes, SO CUTE AND SMALL.

Then we came home~. And then there was this huge chunk of time where I don't remember. Guess nothing interesting happened. Then my mom called me down and was all "CLAUDIA! DINNER'S DONE!" and I was all "K bro!". I'll tell you all now, I love beef. SO. DAMN. MUCH. So I ran down the stairs and was first to the table. Well, first to the couch. Cause one of my aunts and my grandma came over to eat as well. So I sat on one couch, my aunt on the other, my brother, mom and grandma at the table. And I long wait was finally over, turns out my mom hadn't opened the Italian wine before because she was saving it for a roast, which we had today. I saw it and I was thinking "Oh God yes. Yes. Yes.". Cause Italian wine will always be best wine. It also turns out that the beef I chose was just enough for everyone. Everyone except my aunt and brother and me (mom and grandma, basically) was drinking this wine. I was thinking "Dude. This is the day. The day when all your dreams come true. The day. When you get. To try Italian wine.". Then, my mom said to my brother, "Lennie, do you want to try it?" He shook his head. :I. Then she went "Claudia? You want some?" "Uh. Sure, why not?" I died inside. It was reeeally good. And I love grapes so damn much. Like. So damn much. Like holy fucking shit I love grapes. Fuck that Spanish wine, it's shit.

So I only had a small mouthful of that, then gave it back. (=STOP. SAYING. SO. SO MUCH.= NO. FUCK YOU.) I ate a big slice of beef, loads of potatoes (and had extras after.) and lots of yorkshire puddings. With lotsa gravy. Then me, mom and grandma chilled outside while they drank the wine. Cause it had a cork, so it couldn't be re-sealed. And my mom said she couldn't just leave it open cause she'd knock it over and it would go EVERYWHERE. Then grandma left and my mom was there, finishing this wine. (Dudebros, don't worry. My mom's not an alcoholic. We're responsible Ital- =You've said this before.= I know but still! =NO.=)
I looked at the plant pot behind her, and said "Dude. That's quite the thistle you've got there...". Cause it  really looked like a thistle. And she was all "Dude. That's a carrot stalk." WAT. This thing was huuuuge~. She just left it for aaaages~. And then she poured the last glass of it and I was like "Geez, you can't have ALL of it!". And she was all "I so can. I handle alcohol really well." And then we talked about stuff I can't remember, the next sentence I remember was me, "Yeah well what'd you feel like if someone took your glass of wine, huh?" and I took the glass off the table. She didn't even care. Then she said stuff and something else and then "This drink...I like it! ANOTHER! *pretends to throw glass on floor*". Cause we're totally not obsessed with The Avengers. (*coughcoughLokiisrightfulkingcoughcoughcough*)

And now post are online because my mom completely went against all this responsible partially Italian stuff I've been saying by getting nicely drunk. She drank the last half of her b-day wine so I've hid the bottle of Spanish until she's ready. Or until I'm ready to give it back. I tried to give her cold coffee and the box of hot chocolate but she's not THAT drunk. She isn't actually that drunk. Really. Just a bit tipsy.

So this post is waaay too long and I'm not gonna waste any more of your time, hehehehehe~ ^.^

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