Saturday, 14 July 2012

Side note of sadness.

I don't want to sit here and complain- Yes you do. That's all this post is. You complaining about ho- SHUT UP I'LL SAY IT MYSELF.

I don't want to use the word 'complain' but that's kinda what I'm doing. I've got a bone to pick, readers.
Actually it's not that serious-

OK. I'LL SAY IT: You don't comment...I never get comments. How am I supposed to know if people like the blog? If people actually read. The blog. If I have any people who sit and stare at the screen until they see a new post? Actually, scrap that last one, that's kind of creepy o.o

So, yeah. Just saying, just complaining, I'd like a comment here or there, I'd like to be able to have feedback, or just talk.

You sound so fucking sad right now. I know. Go get the chocolates and put on The Avengers again. For the fourth time. We have to chocolate but The Avengers, that I can do. Thanks.

That's it. For anyone who actually does read, and gives half a shit about what I say: Thank you :D

No internet T_T

My internet is down, I would have posted earlier had it not been. Clever mom forgot to pay the damn internet bill. She has done now and said the internet should be back up from today or tomorrow. Yesterday, this is. She obviously can't be bothered to tell you so I will. Shut up you. I only just thought of charging my phone so I could use the wireless connect. I wanted to post an entry that badly. Cause I love you all.

So due to the internet being down, the day was mostly spent playing more Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles with my brother. We beat the final dungeon and killed the boss there. Well, brought it to 1 HP and then we were stopped by the 2nd to final boss. A ghost person named Lady Mio brought us to the 2nd to final area and tested us on our memories to see if they were strong enough. She asked us a load of questions and we had to answer. The questions were based on events that happened earlier on in the game. After each question, we went through a 'Door of Recollection'. We got them all right :D . She's very proud.
Then, we got to the second to final boss, there was a long speaking cutscene with Mio and Raem (the second to final boss), we were present as well. At the end, Mio broke the barrier bubble on us and Raem epic slammed her on the ground, she's there unconscious on the ground, for the whole battle.
We kept dying and having to go through the long cutscene like, seven or eight times before we finally defeated him.

The scene changed to a seemingly endless open feild, with the while sky clouded over. Normal clouds. Not like, death doom clouds. Normal and peaceful. You could see the world in the distance. We were on the clouds, and the final battle is activated by just walking forward for a while.
Its hard to explain how it came, or what it looks like, so I'll tell you what I do know. Raem absorbs Mio and turned into a super final boss that eats your memories in the forms of people you met previously on your journey. He either eats them or they turn into magicite (they turn to magicite when you cast magic on them) and they disappear anyways.
Your memory count its like the battle's timer. If you lose them all then.... Then I don't know what happens. It never happened to us. And if he kills you, then you don't regain the memories from the previous battle. Mioraem, we named it. Not sure if that's the actual name or not. I like it. Its got a ring to it.

We gave up after a while to go get a better weapon for my brother. That's what he's doing right now. And I'm sat on the couch typing this up. I don't think he likes the idea of me having this blog. His voice sounded improving. He corrected stuff I was typing and when I moved to the couch he said "Hm. Thought that'd make you go away." :I Asshole.

So that's you now up to speed. The internet's back and I've caught up on almost all my stuff on there. So I'm gonna go now. There will more than likely be a post tomorrow.
Goodbye ~

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Odd dreams, video games, photoshop and Red vs Blue. With a special surprise...!

Hi there! It's 3:20pm. You have a whole day of shit to do. Go post later when you have more stuff to talk about. I do what I want! And I want to post now! Cause I'm bored and unsociable. Is that even a word? Probably not.

Anyways, Last night, I had a dream that I bought Super Mario 64 for the Game Cube. But what was weird was that it was on a DS thing. And my Game Cube had a DS thing slot. The game came with a white Game Cube controller, and the buttons and sticks were coloured in green, red, yellow etc. So me and my brother played that. I used the white controller, he used the black one we already had. The other, purple one, was just kinda left to the side. Super Mario 64 isn't even two player, is it? Don't think so. My memory banks contain no files stating that Super Mario 64, for the Nintendo 64, is a multiplayer game. Stop pretending you're a computer. Alternate personalities can dream! Anyways, I was playing as Yoshi and he was Mario. And then I woke up. It saddened me that such a wonder didn't actually exist. I actually thought it was real, at the point where I was buying the game. ;-;

So now I'm gonna go finish my coffee and play video games with brother. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, to be exact. 15:32.

Okay, 6 hours later, it's 23:11 at the time we are now, though it wont be when I finish. No shit, boro. What?  You aren't allowed to use 'boro', we don't even have the pet Marlboro yet! (I want to get a Marlboro and name him Boro. I may have said before.)

So I did go to play Crystal Chronicles with the brother, we got to the end of the final dungeon and attempted the last boss (three stages of it) about 50 billion times before deciding we needed to up our stats a bit more. We repeated a previous dungeon and then called it a day.  Sunflower seeds and hazelnuts were consumed in the process. Lots of panic in the final dungeon, lots was at stake and brother was the only one who could revive me, cause he had a Life spell and I had one Phoenix Down, so if I lost that then he wouldn't be able to revive me if he died again meaning I would  eventually die and we'd have to start again from stage one. The dying always happens at stage 3, btw.

Then me and mom made sushi, it turned out so much better than last time. It was so neat and nicely done and tasted just as delicious but it stayed together properly this time. ._. .

Then there was this interval of time where jack shit happened. Except for me and cat Oscar laying, him in his long box and me at the entrance of it. He fell asleep there for a short while. T'was cute.

Then I did some drawings while re-re-watching The Avengers, then did some work on my photoshop projects. Most of the stuff on it's done, I just need to tidy them up and shits.

I'll probably have my picture up tomorrow, but no promises made. Y'know, I can fulfil one promise right now, though. An ancient promise, made billions of years in the past...I have for you all...EZIO AUDITORE MINI-PLUSH. Woo. Big deal. Lets have a party in his honour. I get to drive the float. And you....ARE IN CHARGE OF CONFETTI. We watch too much Red Vs Blue. Waaay too much. Speaking of RVB, I love the two newest episodes. I wont say too much in case some of you haven't watched it, but I love Theta in it, he's my favourite. I like his skateboard and how he keeps falling off., in 'Videos', look for 'Red vs Blue' and watch them all if you don't know what Red vs Blue is. Watch them. ALL 10 SEASONS. (In case of some freak copyright mistake, we don't own Rooster Teeth and stuff like that. Just suggesting many lolz to you all.) 

Anyways, yeah, Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH. So I'll see you all next time!
Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH. From like, months ago, probably.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Kill me. For the second time.

Ok, so I've not posted in a little while, sorry ;-;. My friend Lucy gave me the most terrible mother-fucking cold I've had in a while. My head hurts, I feel dizzy, I keep twitching really badly in my joints, and to add to the fun, I'm growing again, so my knees hurt like fuck and I can't walk. They are twitching also.

Though there is exiting news: I hit 100 pageveiws! Yay! Well, when I checked my dashboard a few minutes ago, it said 102, so that's even better! I'm surprised people actually read this ._. . My life is so boring and uneventful. Maybe I should re-name it "The Complainer's Blog" cause like, more than half of this is me complaining. :I

More bad news now, my friend Anya is leaving school in September to go to some shit grammar school. I told her "Good luck making friends, it'll take you about a week and a half. That's how long it took me." I'm currently working on a picture for her, and the rest of our group of friends is gonna do a group photo, and put it in a frame we bought. I think we were supposed to do it today...Oops. If I'm in school tomorrow (very unlikely) then I'll ask about. Wednesday might be better.  In English, everyone kept thinking I was upset that Anya was leaving, and yeah I am, but is a girl not allowed to be ill?

I had my hair cut again, it's just to the top of my shoulders now, I'll have pics up sometime soon. I wont say tomorrow cause I don't know if I will. I always say I'll pics up for things on //insert day// and then I never do.
So they'll be up sometime. :I

I would have just not posted today cause of how bad I feel but I wanted to get shit down before I forgot.
So I'm gonna go and continue being ill. :I

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Days Of Photoshop Ahead

Late yesterday, I became fully enlightened on the real joys of Photoshop on my moms Mac.
I've got two pictures currently going on there and the night that I started them was one of the happiest nights I've had for awhile.
I mean, I've seen my mom and other people use Photoshop before but never have I been able to myself. And now that I have, I'm going to be on there a lot. Like. A lot. :I.
I've got two on there right now, one of my friend Sophie and another one. I'll put them up on here and on DA (Deviant Art) when they're done.
For now I'll just draw some more pics in school for after I finish those ones.

I've got quite the load of market research on my hands for food tech at school. I've got to find put prices for my food lost and then actually buy the stuff on my food list.
Its all olympics themed and shits.

Also, I'm now involved in helping friends Sophie, Anya and Liam with a project for ICT. Amelia and Joel helped out as well.
The computer room at lunch is what I have nicknamed "Minecraft Club". Freaking. Half. No, 3/4 of the room was people playing Minecraft. Me and, Lucy are going tomorrow, I'm gonna show Joel how to play as well.

History was ok, I didn't get murdered by my teacher as friends actually told me where the bloody lesson was. I keep writing in all caps :3

When I got home, the first thing I did was get dressed and request the computer. My mom wanted to do stuff on it first so I played Terraria at my aunts for a while whilst watching the brother play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
Up until dinner I worked on the things on the computer. The one for Sophie is going down hill a bit but the other is doing really well. I just need to touch up a frew things and them to Tumblr and Deviant Art with it.
Had salmon and potatoes for dinner, I ate so fucking much. I'm still even now a bit hungry. And its only been 3 hours. Those 3 hours were spent continuing the art on the comp.

Note that this was some on my phone today, as will most of the the future ones, cause I write it in school as things happen. I'm gonna Getty my phone taken off me one day for that.

So now I'm gonna go to sleep, I'll see y'all in the morning.