Friday, 1 June 2012


//cry cry cry// I filled up my sketch book a couple days ago, and I went to go draw something in it, and then noticed I not only have filled up my sketch book, but i can't seem to be able to find any spare paper to draw on either... ;-;
Today was the last day of half term at school...It was OK...I guess. In all the classes I was in that played music, *cough ONE cough cough* they played reaaally shit music. Like. Really shit music. Things like rap and that weird shit pop stuff. We had to leave the lesson just as we got the teacher to play My Chemical Romance ;-;.

Also, my mom bought two new wines from Abel and Cole a few days ago. Before you ask, it IS ok to give children wine! I had like, a third of a wine glass and I didn't even drink all of it. Cause my family are responsible Italian (partially Italian) people! Point: There is a Spanish (Damned Rodrigo Borgia, you Spanish Assassin hater!) and an Italian (Go Ezio!) one. Whenever I enter the kitchen I look intently at the Italian bottle. Sat there next to the 3/4 empty Spanish. Then look at Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH hung on the handle to the counter next to it. And wait. For like, 3 years I've wanted to know what Italian wine tastes like. Soon. Actually, not very soon at all. My mom drinks alcohol very, very slowly. Sigh. It will happen one day. I just wished she'd have opened it first. //totallynotobsessedwithAss.Creed//

Skyrim. Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim. (Skyrim.) Very interesting day indeed in the province of the dragons. I did the Clavicus Vile quest (favourite Daedra. Of all time. "A Daedra's Best Friend") and, to be honest, I would have kept his Rueful Axe if it wasn't two handed. I use one handed weapons. I reeeally wanted to kill Barbas, which was what you had to do to get the axe, but my brother was all "Noooo! You want the helmeeeet! Get the heeelmeeet~~" and my aunt was like "NOOO~ Don't kiill Baarbaaas~". So I was like "FINE. I'LL GET THE DAMNED MASK.". And then I was never to hear the voice of my favourite Prince again. Sigh. THEN. Then, I went to Shearpoint and got the Throw Voice Thu'um (I think that's how you spell it...) after fighting a Dragon (Shadowmere helped c:) and the Dragon Priest (Shadowmere as well. And I'd like the thank my Flame Atronach because she is amazing and is a big help.). YAY THROW VOICE. It's also great that I got to use the dragon soul I just got from the dragon to unlock it. And the word wall gives you all three words of it. Turns out I caught Vamparism from something or another. Good thing I happened to have a random black soul gem lying around in my inventory. The quest wasn't hard to find and I was cured in no time. There was also this annoying Blood Dragon flying around that kept coming and leaving. Then at about 3/4 health, it just disappeared into the distance, never to be seen again.

Goddamn webcam broke ;-;. I shall find my camera and take picture of Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH on there. And then you shall see him in all his mysterious wisdom and grace.

Whelp. Imma go off and try to find some paper to draw on....Also going Manchester w/ friends tomorrow so I will update on that. I swear, I will drag them to Forbidden Planet if I must. One friend, I ain't mentioning names for sake of privacy (she'd murder me. Amelia doesn't care. I call say Amelia.), doesn't like the fact that it's a 'Geek Shop', it was the only way I could describe it. I need to go in there to buy Volume 7 (and/or more if there's another sale on *wide eyes*) of Fullmetal Alchemist. I WILL HAVE THEM AAAALL. That reminds me, today there was a new (Katekyo) Hitman Reborn (!) online. It was great.
ANYWAYS. I have to go before I start another rant. Say bye, Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH~!


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