Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ezio The Lime.

Goddamn it's been awhile...A week, I think. Or more. 9 days. Close enough.
Anyways~~ SO. "Where have I been these 9/10 days?" You ask. Well, my good 88 pageviews, I have been visiting my uncle, his partner and their baby.

Monday: Left the train station at like, 7:30. AM. :I

Tuesday: Went on a walk to a place with lotsa trees. Ferry Meadows, if i'm not horribly mistaken again. Lots of adventuring w/ the 16yr old bro.

Wednesday: HOLY FUCKING SHIT WEDNESDAY WAS AWESOME. Two movies in one day, not the point. Me and le bro saw Men in Black 3, it was pretty cool, yeah. Go watch it 'n' all. Seriously do, though. BUT. Before that (yes, two in one day~ =you said.= shit, yeah. >.> <.<) we saw....THE AVENGERS. (=fuck you, that's not even the proper name.= YES IT IS. FUCK OFF.)  IT. WAS. FUCKING. AWESOME. (=chill the swearing...= NO. FUCK YOU.) I had wanted to see this film for so damn long. And I was so close to getting it sometime the week before. But yeah. Tears were actually shed when Coulson 'died'. Died in 'these' cause he isn't actually. Before I went in, I was all "You ain't gonna cry, Claudia. It's not that big a deal." Oh. It was. And waaaaay before that, when Loki was all being a badass and had all those people kneeling in front of him, I was thinkning "If I was there, as soon as I saw that bastard, I'd be on my knees. Cause he's the boss, man." And then I'd turn out to be a spy and help the Avengers take him down. Fuck you, I'm not obsessed.

Thursday: Horse riding, was awesome~ Horses are pretty cool. I want a horse one day, then I could run around Rome on my horse and run into random people. Just like the games. Nope. Totally not obsessed with Ass. Creed.

Friday: Godamn this baby loves me. I am her performing seal, and a toy for her to crawl over. The past like, 3 days she was crawling over me for my red headband, making me push her around on this thing. It's a. A. A thing. That. Yes. SO then at the end of that day we had to leave. On the train/s we talked about things. Me, mom and le bro. Mom's friend was gonna come visit at the end of July but she found it to be too expensive. She was gonna bring mom a Coulson doll she's making and bring along her Tony one as well. She's making one for each Avenger and already has a Fury one. I want a Thor one. And each of the others. I WANT THEM ALL. (=Geez, Greed. Cool it.=)

Ok and not much happened yesterday. Today though, I decided I'm going to start bringing this one lime to school, so I can talk to it in class. He is called Ezio The Lime. Cause I'm totally not obsessed with Ass. Creed. (=*coughorEziocoughcough*=) And he shall be glorious. Along side Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH.

And that's all I've gotta say. School tomorrow. Ezio The Lime's first day, he's pretty nervous. So yeah.

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