Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Living in the canyon of WOAH here.

You'd know what the canyon of Woah was if you watched enough Far Lands or Bust. e_e
So I've just looked, and the pageviews for this blog has just gone over 80. 80! That's 20 off 100!
I never knew my life was so interesting... =It isn't= Exactly!

Well. Looks like I'm not going to be able to post pictures of Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH or my guitar. I lost my camera T_T =I saw what you nearly did. You nearly wrote "I lost my GUITAR.= <--- God I hate myself sometimes. Or rather, put 'Sithis' instead of 'God'. Cause I'm totally not a Skyrim freak. SOOO, no pictures.

Amelia told our History teacher about how I told her about how my mom nearly wrote me a sick note saying I was on a secret mission. Well, she did but I wouldn't leave the house 'till she wrote me a proper one. She said our teacher was going to ask me how the last mission went. Cause I was off Monday and Tuesday. I was actually ill Monday and on Tuesday I woke up at 1 o'clock. In the afternoon. NO. 2 o'clock.

Also, finished Ass. Creed Renaissance book and now onto Brotherhood. YAY MORE EZIO. Totally not obsessed with Ezio/Ass. Creed. Aunt got Revelations book so YAY all four books! Lets wait for him to make one for Ass. Creed 3 now... Of course it will be great.

So I've got that to look forward to tomorrow. Happy days ¬_¬
I noticed, I use 'so' and 'cause' a lot. A loooot.

I can't think of much else to say...I'm really gonna try hard to get those pics up. YOU NEED TO SEE THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS EZIO AUDITORE MINI PLUSH.


Monday, 21 May 2012

E chord, E chord, E chord!

Damn me and my want to learn guitar. Yes, I'm learning electric guitar now.MY FINGERS. HURT. SO MUCH. Damn chords. Damn wires. But now I can play E chord practically perfectly. After a try or two. So we're making progress! Next time I post, I'll upload a pick of me w/ the guitar of epic awesomeness. But we're gonna stop at E chord today cause my hands hurt like hell. We'll go for A chord tomorrow.

So I went to school today after being off for Thursday and Friday last week. It didn't go very well. I'll give you the summary:
Morning: Tried to stay home by pretending to sleep at various times. FAILED. Was late and had to get taxi to school. Got there on time, though.
Form: Sleep. Showed people my mini Ezio (Auditore Da Firenze) plush keyring thing. SUCCESS. Will post picture of Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH next time.
1st Lesson: French. Wanted to sleep. Did not. Had to work and actually concentrate. FAILED.
2nd Lesson: I like Science. Had to do catch up work though. Very tired. Wanted sleep, did not. FAILED.
Break: In the computers room place (called PLC, Partnership Learning Centre or something like that. It's a room with a shit load of computers and a lot of tables), checked out some new things on the school system with Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH sat next to the keyboard. Got many weird looks. SUCCESS.
3rd Lesson: P.E. Hate P.E. right now. Never have a partner. Did this time, don't like her though. Just wanted lesson to be over. FAILED.
4th Lesson: I love Social Studies. But I didn't enjoy today's lesson. It was a bit boring. FAILED.
Lunch: I never eat lunch so I was hungry. Had my Assassin's Creed (Ass. Creed) book. The second one, Renaissance. The first Ezio one. Also brought Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH and got many more weird looks. The more the better, I say. SUCCESS.
5th Lesson: Talked to people, glued in pictures. Alright lesson. SUCCESS.
6th Lesson: Best. Lesson. Ever. Showed lotsa people my Ass. Creed book and showed the person I sit next to Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH. Then I slept. And copied work. And slept. And then all was good in the world. SUCCESS.
Bus Home: Talked with two people. One of which I can now class as a new friend. WOO. SUCCESS.

Wow. Long post. Well I'm gonna cut us short here and go watch me some Fullmetal Alchemist.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Links, links everywhere...

Yeah, I've been watching DexterityBonus' videos this last week or so and yesterday I started watching her DODGER PLAYS: Dead Space videos on her other channel, PressHeartToContinue. She's pretty awesome and so are her videos.

I do actually have coffee though. And it's good coffee. I up about 2pm and today I am wearing my favourite pair of jeans with a random nice grey t-shirt I discovered in my clothes last night.  We've been the computer since waking up and the day's been spent watching Dodger and Kurtjmac with his Far Lands or Bust!  You guys should go watch those too, he's walking to the Far Lands for charity! I'll link you to his channel as well so you can go watch those, too.
Far Lands Or Bust!:

Wow. A lot of links in this one... o.o

I decided I'm going to start wearing jeans and T-shirts more now. I just like the look better, it's more comfortable and casual. What was that flares? Oh, I love you too! I love my flare jeans, they're amazing. Also, my red headband is amazing. I feel empty when I'm not wearing it...In fact...I was thinking about starting to wear it to school...I have done before, but that's only when my hair's tied up.

That's really all I can think of...So I'll see you tomorrow. If I post tomorrow.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Gah. So...Ill... ;-;
I've been really sickly yesterday and today, so I didn't go to school and therefore, today's post will not be very interesting. It was my brother's birthday yesterday, he's 16 now. I got him a Gameboy (Advanced SP) which I think he liked...
Also, my mom's signed me up for this under 16s gym thing...I need to be able to run long distances for that zombie apocalypse in December. Yeah, I don't think the 21st is going to be all earthquakes and shit, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a zombie apocalypse.
Erm...What else can I talk about...
OK, so there isn't anything else to say, sorry. Going to school for sure tomorrow so the next post'll be longer.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Ok, so today was pretty terrible. The school gave us the last of 3 cervical cancer vaccinations today. This involved needles so obviously I wasn't keen. I had done it two other times though, i actually let them do it in under 10 minutes! Success! Still refusing blood test (because of big sharp scary needles) even though I really should. My mom's pretty sure I'm anaemic so I've had some iron tablets for awhile now. The blood test the people tried to do was like months ago.
Speaking on months, the time gap between the second most recent post (the one before yesterday's) was only actually a month. Wow. Long month is loooong...

The rest of today was pretty terrible too. Well, Religion was ok, but Math was so frustrating and just...Terrible. We had some substitute teacher in for whatever reason, but he was all old like, and he wore a suit and had a really strong Canadian accent. He said he was Scottish and lived in Canada for awhile. That must have been a reeeeallly long while because I thought he was actually Canadian for a few minutes, before he told us he was Scottish. I didn't catch his name properly but it was something like Mr. Beer or Mr. Beard, that's how I heard it, at least. I was pissed off all lesson because his accent really got on my nerves. I also have a Geography teacher who's Canadian (Actually Canadian, this one >_> <_<) who's accent get's on my nerves, too.
This is all coming from an American, with and American accent. I'm such a hypocrite u_u. I really do hate the accent though, I hate listening to recordings of me talking because I hate the way the accent sounds. ;-;. Life hates me, doesn't it? WHY AM I CURSED WITH THE AMERICAN TEACHERS T_T.

So...yeah...That was Tuesday, 8th of March, 2012. The most stressful day for like...A week? Most of my days are stressful. I need coffee T_T. Lots of coffee.


Monday, 7 May 2012


OK. Guys, I'm sorry for not posting in aaaggesss but i really haven't had the chance to get the computer. Damn brother always has it ¬_¬. Oh well, I'm here now.
I don't know what to say...Not a lot happened. Well, video game-wise stuff has. I started a single player on Halo: Reach....I lied for Cicero in Skyrim (then I killed Astird), my brother got a Gamecube....We got Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles...We got a few link cables...
The time space between these points get shorter for each point. It's been a long few months.
This post is going to be crazy short and im sorry, once again for the time gap. But I have nothing left to say.