Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Odd dreams, video games, photoshop and Red vs Blue. With a special surprise...!

Hi there! It's 3:20pm. You have a whole day of shit to do. Go post later when you have more stuff to talk about. I do what I want! And I want to post now! Cause I'm bored and unsociable. Is that even a word? Probably not.

Anyways, Last night, I had a dream that I bought Super Mario 64 for the Game Cube. But what was weird was that it was on a DS thing. And my Game Cube had a DS thing slot. The game came with a white Game Cube controller, and the buttons and sticks were coloured in green, red, yellow etc. So me and my brother played that. I used the white controller, he used the black one we already had. The other, purple one, was just kinda left to the side. Super Mario 64 isn't even two player, is it? Don't think so. My memory banks contain no files stating that Super Mario 64, for the Nintendo 64, is a multiplayer game. Stop pretending you're a computer. Alternate personalities can dream! Anyways, I was playing as Yoshi and he was Mario. And then I woke up. It saddened me that such a wonder didn't actually exist. I actually thought it was real, at the point where I was buying the game. ;-;

So now I'm gonna go finish my coffee and play video games with brother. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, to be exact. 15:32.

Okay, 6 hours later, it's 23:11 at the time we are now, though it wont be when I finish. No shit, boro. What?  You aren't allowed to use 'boro', we don't even have the pet Marlboro yet! (I want to get a Marlboro and name him Boro. I may have said before.)

So I did go to play Crystal Chronicles with the brother, we got to the end of the final dungeon and attempted the last boss (three stages of it) about 50 billion times before deciding we needed to up our stats a bit more. We repeated a previous dungeon and then called it a day.  Sunflower seeds and hazelnuts were consumed in the process. Lots of panic in the final dungeon, lots was at stake and brother was the only one who could revive me, cause he had a Life spell and I had one Phoenix Down, so if I lost that then he wouldn't be able to revive me if he died again meaning I would  eventually die and we'd have to start again from stage one. The dying always happens at stage 3, btw.

Then me and mom made sushi, it turned out so much better than last time. It was so neat and nicely done and tasted just as delicious but it stayed together properly this time. ._. .

Then there was this interval of time where jack shit happened. Except for me and cat Oscar laying, him in his long box and me at the entrance of it. He fell asleep there for a short while. T'was cute.

Then I did some drawings while re-re-watching The Avengers, then did some work on my photoshop projects. Most of the stuff on it's done, I just need to tidy them up and shits.

I'll probably have my picture up tomorrow, but no promises made. Y'know, I can fulfil one promise right now, though. An ancient promise, made billions of years in the past...I have for you all...EZIO AUDITORE MINI-PLUSH. Woo. Big deal. Lets have a party in his honour. I get to drive the float. And you....ARE IN CHARGE OF CONFETTI. We watch too much Red Vs Blue. Waaay too much. Speaking of RVB, I love the two newest episodes. I wont say too much in case some of you haven't watched it, but I love Theta in it, he's my favourite. I like his skateboard and how he keeps falling off., in 'Videos', look for 'Red vs Blue' and watch them all if you don't know what Red vs Blue is. Watch them. ALL 10 SEASONS. (In case of some freak copyright mistake, we don't own Rooster Teeth and stuff like that. Just suggesting many lolz to you all.) 

Anyways, yeah, Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH. So I'll see you all next time!
Ezio Auditore MINI PLUSH. From like, months ago, probably.

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