Monday, 9 July 2012

Kill me. For the second time.

Ok, so I've not posted in a little while, sorry ;-;. My friend Lucy gave me the most terrible mother-fucking cold I've had in a while. My head hurts, I feel dizzy, I keep twitching really badly in my joints, and to add to the fun, I'm growing again, so my knees hurt like fuck and I can't walk. They are twitching also.

Though there is exiting news: I hit 100 pageveiws! Yay! Well, when I checked my dashboard a few minutes ago, it said 102, so that's even better! I'm surprised people actually read this ._. . My life is so boring and uneventful. Maybe I should re-name it "The Complainer's Blog" cause like, more than half of this is me complaining. :I

More bad news now, my friend Anya is leaving school in September to go to some shit grammar school. I told her "Good luck making friends, it'll take you about a week and a half. That's how long it took me." I'm currently working on a picture for her, and the rest of our group of friends is gonna do a group photo, and put it in a frame we bought. I think we were supposed to do it today...Oops. If I'm in school tomorrow (very unlikely) then I'll ask about. Wednesday might be better.  In English, everyone kept thinking I was upset that Anya was leaving, and yeah I am, but is a girl not allowed to be ill?

I had my hair cut again, it's just to the top of my shoulders now, I'll have pics up sometime soon. I wont say tomorrow cause I don't know if I will. I always say I'll pics up for things on //insert day// and then I never do.
So they'll be up sometime. :I

I would have just not posted today cause of how bad I feel but I wanted to get shit down before I forgot.
So I'm gonna go and continue being ill. :I

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