Saturday, 12 May 2012

Links, links everywhere...

Yeah, I've been watching DexterityBonus' videos this last week or so and yesterday I started watching her DODGER PLAYS: Dead Space videos on her other channel, PressHeartToContinue. She's pretty awesome and so are her videos.

I do actually have coffee though. And it's good coffee. I up about 2pm and today I am wearing my favourite pair of jeans with a random nice grey t-shirt I discovered in my clothes last night.  We've been the computer since waking up and the day's been spent watching Dodger and Kurtjmac with his Far Lands or Bust!  You guys should go watch those too, he's walking to the Far Lands for charity! I'll link you to his channel as well so you can go watch those, too.
Far Lands Or Bust!:

Wow. A lot of links in this one... o.o

I decided I'm going to start wearing jeans and T-shirts more now. I just like the look better, it's more comfortable and casual. What was that flares? Oh, I love you too! I love my flare jeans, they're amazing. Also, my red headband is amazing. I feel empty when I'm not wearing it...In fact...I was thinking about starting to wear it to school...I have done before, but that's only when my hair's tied up.

That's really all I can think of...So I'll see you tomorrow. If I post tomorrow.

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