Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Ok, so today was pretty terrible. The school gave us the last of 3 cervical cancer vaccinations today. This involved needles so obviously I wasn't keen. I had done it two other times though, i actually let them do it in under 10 minutes! Success! Still refusing blood test (because of big sharp scary needles) even though I really should. My mom's pretty sure I'm anaemic so I've had some iron tablets for awhile now. The blood test the people tried to do was like months ago.
Speaking on months, the time gap between the second most recent post (the one before yesterday's) was only actually a month. Wow. Long month is loooong...

The rest of today was pretty terrible too. Well, Religion was ok, but Math was so frustrating and just...Terrible. We had some substitute teacher in for whatever reason, but he was all old like, and he wore a suit and had a really strong Canadian accent. He said he was Scottish and lived in Canada for awhile. That must have been a reeeeallly long while because I thought he was actually Canadian for a few minutes, before he told us he was Scottish. I didn't catch his name properly but it was something like Mr. Beer or Mr. Beard, that's how I heard it, at least. I was pissed off all lesson because his accent really got on my nerves. I also have a Geography teacher who's Canadian (Actually Canadian, this one >_> <_<) who's accent get's on my nerves, too.
This is all coming from an American, with and American accent. I'm such a hypocrite u_u. I really do hate the accent though, I hate listening to recordings of me talking because I hate the way the accent sounds. ;-;. Life hates me, doesn't it? WHY AM I CURSED WITH THE AMERICAN TEACHERS T_T.

So...yeah...That was Tuesday, 8th of March, 2012. The most stressful day for like...A week? Most of my days are stressful. I need coffee T_T. Lots of coffee.


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